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At the Judita 500 exhibition, watch the animated film about the life of Marko Marulić

Dalibor Popovič is the author of the animated film "A folk performance of pictures of the life of Marko Marulić from Split”.

At the Judita 500 exhibition, which will soon be set up in the renovated Old Town Hall, watch the animated film about the life of Marko Marulić by Dalibor Popovič. The film is conceived as a theatrical play and takes place on stage, following the life of our Marul from his birth, his schooling in Split, and his public and literary work. The author demonstrates some lesser-known and interesting adventures from Marulić's biography in an innovative and witty way. Each selected part of Marul's life in the film had to be told in twenty seconds without verbal narration, so the striking visual effects faithfully show the anecdotes and biographical sketches of Marko Marulić. Each scene is determined by changes of the theatre set and short gesticulations of "actors", with a certain dose of humour.

The author of the animation points out that the life itself of Marko Marulić is an inspiring topic and when working on the animation, it was necessary to rely on scientific and professional knowledge that help bring to life a historical person. Popovič states that when making the animation, it was a special pleasure for him to keep company with the great Marulić in his thoughts.

The animation was enriched with two Italian sonnets by Marko Marulić set to music, performed by the Italian music duo Simone Sorini Syerenarum.

The author particularly points out: "Not one animal was tortured or killed during the filming, and why do I say that? Come and find out at the exhibition."